It Billows Up

I contributed a track to the new Sontag Shogun remix album It Billows Up, released today on Youngbloods. My mix (of the song “clstrs”) appears alongside tracks by WNNR, Black Pomade, Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, Automatisme, Zoe Polanski and Excepter, each of whom created something incredibly unique and yet of a piece. Stream the whole record below:

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Those Darn Gnomes @ The Void, San Bernardino 11/30/19

Noah’s couch had fallen apart some time since we had last stayed there so Hannah and I slept on the floor, which, combined with the 44 degree weather and lack of blankets or heating, meant very little sleeping was actually accomplished. Regardless, I woke up with King Diamond’s “Welcome Home” looping in my head, so I made a quick coffee run to 7-11 with Mercyful Fate keeping me company. Shrieking “GRANDMAAAAA!!!” became the theme of the day.

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Those Darn Gnomes @ The Smell, Los Angeles 11/29/19

Took FlixBus up from San Diego this morning with Hannah at 10am. A treacherous bouquet of human excrement greeted us immediately upon entering the bus, immediately betraying the fact someone had broken the cardinal sin of long distance mass transit: never shit in the bathroom. In spite of the odor, nearly every rider on the packed bus decided they, too, needed to add to the stench, so every four minutes or so someone had to head to the back of the bus, opening the door and letting the aroma waft out and onto the unsuspecting passengers like an Aum Shinrikyo copycat.

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